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Congratulations on your decision to enhance your performance in an ever-competitive Real Estate industry! We understand this choice impacts a lot more than simply receiving an education which is why we've tailored the Course to fit the busiest of schedules in an ultra-efficient method to incorporate State-required knowledge with proven adult-learning techniques, public expectations, and preparation for tomorrow's business landscape in a fun, student-networked environment to guide your success. We're not here to talk about baseball cards...

The Broker's Course is 150 hours of online-delivered education via Zoom divided into 3 courses: General (90 hours), Office Management (30 hours), and Agency & Ethics (30 hours).

Cost for the complete bundle: $1,249 Call NOW for current pricing! 

Cost includes all 3 courses, text book, taxes, and fees.

Once your hours are completed, you'll be challenged with a State-required Course exam to graduate where you'll then receive the documents for the Real Estate Commission to consider your application for Broker licensure to include the next steps for State examination with PSI. 

There are some special situations that may apply:

General Course

The General Course is the 90-hour focus where Candidates will begin their leap from production sales to a complete industry subject matter expert in the entire spectrum of roles the Broker's license provides. You'll learn an array of skills and knowledge to be consolidated in your business with special attention to legal topics including:

Agency & Ethics 

The Agency & Ethics Course provides 30-hours of compliance discussion that help Brokers tackle the toughest situations with exceptional moral and legal solutions with topics such as:

Office Management 

The Office Management Course contains 30-hours designed to prepare your business for compliance and success. Our focus is on helping tomorrow's Brokers establish a well-founded but dynamic model to help their business scale while providing their agents with the tools to support your operation as well as their's. These topics include:

Veterans, Lawyers, & Out of State Candidates

"Disabled war veterans; granting of license: Any citizen of New Jersey who has served in the armed forces of the United States or who served as a member of the American Merchant Marine during World War II and is declared by the United States Department of Defense to be eligible for federal veterans' benefits, who has been honorably discharged, and who, having been wounded or disabled in the line of duty, has completed a program of courses in real estate approved by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, and who has successfully passed an examination conducted by said commission qualifying him to operate as a real estate broker, broker-salesperson, or salesperson, may, upon presentation of a certificate certifying that he has completed such program of courses as aforesaid, obtain without cost from the commission and without qualification through experience as a salesperson, a license to operate as a real estate broker, broker-salesperson, or a real estate salesperson, as the case may be, which licenses shall be the same as other licenses issued under R.S.45:15-1 et seq.  Renewal of licenses may be granted under this section for each ensuing license term, upon request, without fees therefor." -NJS 45:15-11  

"All NJ attorneys who wish to obtain a broker’s license must first be licensed and work on a full-time basis as a salesperson under the authority of a broker for three full years. Such persons should apply for a waiver of the 90 hour broker course based upon their status as a NJ attorney in good standing as of the date of the application for the waiver. The waiver remains in effect for a period of one year only." -NJREC Waiver Application

"If you are the SOLE PROPRIETOR, submit a letter on your business stationery indicating you have been actively engaged in the real estate brokerage business on a full-time continuous basis for the three (3) years immediately preceding your application and not merely licensed.  If you are a BROKER, BROKER-SALESPERSON OR ASSOCIATE BROKER, submit a notarized letter from your employing Broker stating that you have been employed on a full-time basis and actively engaged in the real estate brokerage business as a Broker- Salesperson or Broker Associate for the three (3) years immediately preceding your application and not merely licensed." -NJREC Waiver Application

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Continuing Education

At this time we are unable to provide CE courses at prices competitive with current online offerings. We encourage you to reach out to your local board for the best current training and prices offered.